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Services we offer:

  • Prescription dispensing (hospital & general prescriptions)

  • Authorised to dispense all brands of clozapine (Clozaril and Clopine)

  • One on one counselling with an experienced pharmacist

  • Provision of complex medication regimes and medicines to large Government and Private organisations.

  • Turnkey solutions for difficult medication adherence scenarios

  • In-store Vaccination Service including COVID-19 vaccine, influenza, whooping cough, MMR and many more.

  • Facilitating continuity of care & medication management  post discharge from hospital

  • Stocking one of the largest ranges of prescription medications in Queensland

  • High volume, high cost drug programs to large organisations

  • Homeless and Involuntary Treatment Order (ITO) medication provision and funding

  • Ability to deliver cold chain items on a large scale to metro Brisbane

  • Webster-Pak Dose Administration Aid (DAA)

  • Wound care

  • Opioid Replacement Program

  • Free blood pressure & blood sugar monitoring

  • NDSS Agent

  • Medela Symphony Breast Pump Hire

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